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It's the #taggyoureit challenge from $VERB Technology Inc

It's the interactive video #taggyoureit challenge! If I can get everyone to retweet and like this post at least 20 times- we will get a video from using and he will be challenging the next person!

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  1. $FUSZD $VERB @VerbTech_Co @salesforce @Oracle @marketo @Odoo @ICONAircraft @Instapage #taggyoureit #challenge there’s a reason why big name companies want to partner up with VERB..... do your own Dur Diligence and invest wisely thanks.

  2. TAGG Interactive Video Challenge see how easy it is to make cool and fun Interactive Video and best part its Free Try it #taggyoureit https://video.nfusz.com/player/IPAY78RZ via @nfuszinc @VerbTech_Co $VERB $CRM $MSFT $ORCL $SAP @Gartner_inc tagg you’re it �� @RefiningTimes

  3. Tomorrow's Webinar covers the #taggyoureit challenge and how you can create your own tagg video. Register here --> https://hubs.ly/H0gtlhY0

  4. Interesting platform. I'm somewhat intrigued by the fact that they added clickable links to videos? Didn't know this was possible. Otherwise, looks like some interesting software and I may end up using it in the future. #TagYourIt