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What you want to know about Stock Ticker TREP

TREP, Just Some facts:

1.) 52 million O/S
2.) 24 million float
3.) No dilution
4.) No debt/convertible notes
5.) Makes net profit
6.) $4 million market cap
7.) $6.9 million in revs thru Q3 ‘18
8.) 5 new clients signed last 2 mo’s
9.) CEO owns 5 million shares/attorney 24 yrs


  1. $TREP �� Round 2. Look at the accumulation, MACD, and volume is picking up. Here’s a snippet of DD and the chart as of Friday’s close. Check out the video below and please share! Hope you see some value and can make some gains!

    1. Looking so forward to when TREP blasts through $0.20