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The Meaning Behind the Transparent Traders Group!

Group, we are working on a few projects. In order for us to get one of them approved we need to grow with traders who are active & engage.
Help me help you! Please add other traders that you know to this group. If you have taken my free course, please share it with others and lead them this way.
Here are a few people who roll with Transparent Traders and a few things they have accomplished. We verify people who we partner with, we are not in a need to bring anyone on in here and never will be.
Jonathon Walker - Cofounder for Transparent Traders. So many things in the pipeline for him. OTC trader with a lot of knowledge. Live streams stock scanners on his YouTube.
If they want they can add in the comments what else they can do and offer.
There are others who we are scoping out. We’ve had bigger names approaching us wanting to partner. They see what we are creating and how fast we are growing. We rejected them because they wouldn’t bring value, they were only selfishly seeking to gain for themselves. Their platform’s were not verifiable.
Transparent Traders & our partners are the future in stock trading. We are growing our members into becoming better traders!
If you can’t see by now where we are going with this, then you haven’t been paying attention and capitalizing on what we have given you.
For our members who have engaged with all of us, who have shared us with others to help us grow, we are grateful for you! By you sharing us and adding other traders in here you are helping to justify our demands in our negotiations for things taking place to benefit you. The more we grow with real traders, the more you will gain by what we can offer in your trading career. I understand that our mission is abnormal. Many have thought that there is some sort of catch to all of this. And then they wait to see when it happens... to just be waiting and nothing happens. Because it’s all true! We have proven ourselves here! Lets make this bigger & better now.


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  2. James Mason I'm forever grateful for the knowledge you've given me sir. I am here to help contribute in any way!