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🚨 What Is Capital Gains Tax And How Short Term Capital Gains Is Best When Trading Penny Stocks

In this video I briefly explain what Capital gains tax is. I talk about both short term capital gains tax, and long term capital gains tax. I explain why short term capital gains tax is best for trading penny stocks.


  1. Good contribution! I enjoy the way you explain this. Definitely consider things that I didn't though before. So your course is also recommended for people who already have some experience? Thank you!

  2. Darcy, yes this course is geared to anyone. Even veteran traders need to refresh themselves from time to time on just the basics of stock trading.

  3. Hello James, great video, love learning from you, I appreciate honestly over everything else, and this is something that matters in this field. I understood that is definitely better to sell it, and don't make a profit, than keep it and even lose money, but if I knew there is a high probability of doing great after the year, do you still suggest to sell it?

    1. With how the market is trading these days, i would sell for minimum losses instead of risking anymore.

  4. You really explained this in such an easy to understand way. I didn't even think about taxes coming out of stock trading. That's another thing I'm going to have to worry about. How do you keep track of everything for your taxes?

  5. Great, I've always been somewhat confused on what short term capital gains tax is and long term, but it makes so much more sense to me now. I understand that these both relate to the amount of time you hold a stock.

  6. Necessary to have a post like this! Have seen many people wondering about this and you talk in such a charismatic and simple way, really enjoy watching your videos. 5/5 to all your work!