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NEWSWIRE Pre-Alert #Sears #Kmart AQUISITION!! Are you in $SHLDQ ?  🇺🇸Buyout offer for $4.6 Billion!  Current Market Cap of only $19 Million!!  #SHLDQ is UNBELIEVABLY UNDERVALUED !! 💥


  1. Everyone is welcome on that $SHLDQ call :dollar: :dollar:

  2. $SHLDQ broke 50 SMA and PSAR just flipped today all other indicators are on viagra. Big move coming. www.transparenttraders.com

  3. If this only has a market cap of 19 million (I'm assuming it has risen since the time you wrote this article) regardless, if the price is still down Kmart and Sears are incredible stores who have a profitable history. I'm getting in on this stock.