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Massive Due Diligence for Stock Ticker $KRFG

Due Diligence Provide by the DD Beast Abe Lincolns :

World Financial Holding Group works w/ new CEO Brian Kistler on the Kojtech/Kejie . They specialize on finding clean shells to use for larger overseas companies to get listed in US Stock Mkts. DD it folks. Load Zone.

Key names are Kojtech, Brian Kistler, World Financial Holdings Group, Yin Junrong, CEO & Founder of Kojtech, Chen Feng, Director of Kojtech, and Yang Junxiang, CEO of World Financial Holding Group attended the event.

50% retrace from highs. Going back up. If we break 0012 blue skies after!

New CEO Brian Kistler working w/ on w/over seas companies into OTC like & He's assisting w/Kojtech/Kejie Holding Group merging into KRFG. DD to see what a huge company they are. Website:

TOS Link For Scanner- http://tos.mx/gQtvgL

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  1. $KRFG : Load while its cheap....won't be here for long.

  2. $KRFG #merging Co Nanjing Kejie Analytical Instrument Co mentioned in this recent article: Fluoride Ion Meters Market Likely to Boost Future Growth by 2025 | Hach, Kalstein, Apera Instruments https://asoftwarereview.com/fluoride-ion-meters-market-likely-to-boost-future-growth-by-2025-hach-kalstein-apera-instruments/ … …

  3. Dont let the $KRFG SS fool you. This ticker is much thinner than OTC reflects. Float is estimated at 350-400 million from researching old filings. Today the stock is up 40% on only 37 million volume. Imagine how much volume some of the pigs need to gain 7 ticks.

  4. $KRFG #Merger w/ Kojtech @KejieGroup also known as Nanjing KeJie confirmed in filing today by $WFHG. New ticker ( $KJKG )and name filed with #FINRA. This is going to shock the OTC like $DOLV aka $JBZY.

  5. For clarification on the $KRFG Merger go to my twitter handle and I have a ton of DD there. Will be doing a Big DD post here this weekend to help new KRFG investors understand and help direct them for their own research.

    All of the DD is verifiable: https://twitter.com/PhillySpecialSB/status/1073939911772921857

  6. $KRFG merger should be close to done by now. Ticker symbol change imminent