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How I MADE $18,200 swing trading / How stock guru's scam you

I show how I MADE $18,200 in a swing trade, and how you can too! I also expose how these traders scam you into believing they are making money.

James Mason:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/James29617 YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC39bOkqMQ3rd0xIFkFZt94w

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  1. Great video, great information. Definitely the dream, I'm truly interested in this course, but i'm at level 0, so I'm just going to start reading all the posts of this website haha! A friend told me to join, and so far it looks great! Hope i can make a difference too!

  2. That amount of money would be absolutely amazing! However I would definitely not be wiling to put much on the line for it. I would say you're brave for stock trading but it seems you have it down really well. Good for you.

  3. Thanks for sharing this man. I've noticed this with many stock traders as well. They'll show you the chart and claim that they bought in at specific points with no information to prove where they entered or where they left. Who knows if they were even in the stock!

  4. Hey, great video, so you are my idol and inspiration now! Thank you for being willing to share all that! This field is so scary, but as you said in another post, don't put all your money! But is just hard to start if you don't have any profit to invest yet and you have to take it from your pockets! Great information, definitely a lot of scammers out there, keep being so honest! thanks!

  5. Wow… I knew people earn a lot of money with this but WOW! Speechless. Good to see that besides making a lot of money you are also interesting in help with community, teaching others.. great heart bro. Your profit reflects discipline, knowledge and much more!