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Farm Bill Passes 2018

Congress just passed an $867 billion farm bill. The big winners of this deal will be all the Hemp Companies.  You should strongly be looking at HIPH - American Premium Water Corporation.  

American Premium Water Corporation is engaged in the production and marketing of high alkaline water bottled in glass. The Company relies on independent bottlers for production of its L'ALPINA labeled family of products. It is focused on adding retail outlets that carry its L'APINA bottled water brand. The Company offers a range of L'ALPINA water, which includes L'ALPINA sparkling spring water, L'ALPINA 7.3 Natural High pH spring water and L'ALPINA 9.5 Natural High pH water. L'ALPINA 7.3 Natural High pH spring water is available in both still and sparkling varieties. The Company utilizes only glass bottles in its bottling process. The Company markets its product throughout the United States and holds various contracts with high-end restaurants.

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