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All I Want For Christmas Is Put Option Contracts

BY JAMES MASON / December 8, 2018

Dear Santa,

I know that I can’t depend on you, mainly because you’re not real!  But there are two forces in this world who will come bearing gifts.  President Trump and President Xi from China.  With global tensions running extremely high in this trade war it is inevitable that the stock market continue to take a major hit, especially the tech industry.

I personally don’t believe a trade deal will be made within the working 90 day time frame.  China isn’t going to give into the United States, and they definitely are not going to give up their economic prowess by not taking companies Intellectual properties.  This is why I am banking on Put Option Contracts, and lots of them.

What I would like to see in the market before taking a swing trade into next year is a small bullish spike.  It’s kind of hard for me to see the spike that I would like to happen with how bad this situation really is.  But hopefully it happens.  It would be beneficial for both the Bulls and the Bears to make a little money before Christmas.

So what am I looking at for these trades?  My top two Put Option plays that I’m looking at are Apple $AAPL, and Advanced Micro Devices Inc $AMD.  There are plenty of other great plays that will take place, but these two are my favorite picks.  These two stocks have been beat down by this trade war and will continue to go down in the long run until either the United States, or China give into the other.

So that leaves the question, who will blink first?  Let’s hear your thoughts?

** I am not a investment professional. Please do not make investment choices based off of the ideas you see in my videos or articles I write without the proper knowledge and research. Trading can be very volatile! You need to understand the basics and the risk involved first!**