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Stock Ticker SGSI

SGSI 10-Q is out 2 days early. 

Bid 50 cents, 

float about 800,000 shares, 

reported almost 10 mil in revenue last 12 weeks, $400,000 in net income or .04/share diluted

This was a dead looking forgotten stock folks!!! 

The corner is turned, now bound for $10/share or higher! 

They will be uplisting to Nasdaq early next year Q-1 2019. That takes a $4/share price. 

SGSI is an engineering, build design permit install Cell tower and fiber internet services firm, with 100 Tier 1 service contracts that is in the early stages of a massive explosion of 5G upgrades nation wide by SGSI customers, including Verizon, T-Mobil and Sprint and AT&T

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