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Stock Ticker FUSZ - Sound Concepts & CEO Rory Cutaia VIDEO

$FUSZ... Edited Sound Concepts & CEO Rory Cutaia VIDEO Discussing the acquisition and what’s to come for both companies exciting time and opportunities.

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  1. Rory has surrounded himself with some outstanding, brilliant and influential People. – Quality people is what makes the company. – Tough to select who would be on the
    nFusz Mount Rushmore with this truly amazing group.

    nFusz Board of Directors
    Honorable Phillip J. Bond, former Undersecretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce for Technology
    Ken Cragun, Chief Accounting Officer at DPW Holdings, Inc
    Jimmy Geiskopf, Lead Director

    nFusz Advisory Board Members 
    Jim DuBois, former Chief Information Officer at Microsoft
    Lew Jaffe, former CEO of Oxford Media
    Erik Nielsen, Senior Director at Southwest Airlines, overseeing Marketing Strategy
    Chuckie Reddy, Managing Director at Global investment bank J.P. Morgan Chase
    Mory Watkins, Strategic Financial Executive & CFO

    nFusz Team Members 
    Chad Thomas, Chief Technology Officer
    Jeff Clayborne, Chief Financial Officer
    Laura Chen, Controller & VP Finance
    Denise Butler, VP Customer Acquisition & Enterprise Sales Manager
    Dennis McMurray, VP Business Development
    Kurt Heidolph, VP of Operations and Technical Sales
    David Butler, Creative Lead
    Mitch Allen, Production Lead
    Alan Anderson, Technical Sales Coordinator

    Sound Concepts Owners 
    McKinley Oswald, Chief Executive Officer
    Jason Matheny, Chief Technology Officer
    Colby Allen, Chief Operations Officer
    JJ Oswald, Chief Sales Officer

    The impressive thing is, when the nFusz-Sound Concepts MERGER is finalized, the company will likely be cracking the 100 Employee mark. – 

    Sound Concepts REVENUE – is – nFusz REVENUE !!! –