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Learn How to nFusz your Christmas Cards


  1. Demo | Quick Walkthrough With Denise ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1vKtt-rB_0&t=9s

  2. As a long time shareholder It’s pretty amazing reflecting back 1 year ago where nFUSZ attended this same conference TEX LA and NotifiCRM was in pre launch stages and Rory and team were shooting videos for big telecom CEOs. That’s the same conference where we may have stumbled on a lead for starhub. Back then we were trading at 8 cents with a mcap of 12MM. There was maybe max 10 - 15 posters talking about FUSZ. We barely had a website and a handful of nFUSZ employees. Our highlight back then was ORU advising they were going into crypto when the crypto fad was strong and we thought that would have been a good relationship. Fast forward 12 months, we are already on our 3rd version of the tech, we’ve built APIs to implement the tech in 2 multi billion dollar companies Oracle and Marketo, we are now implementing in Odoo. We created different verticals NotifiEDU, NotifiMED and notifiNPO and we have Joe Chavez who is posting about something TV related with nFUSZ. We have SAP using our tech for their own business. We have hints of Salesforce. We signed on a power house advisory board. We have dr2marketing doing research on our techs success rate for leads. We have a killer team of employees and min 1 and or@possibly 2 acquisitions right around the corner and knowing all that we are trading at .34 or a mcap of 51MM roughly 5-6x more than 12 months ago where our tech was still in beta testing with no clients.