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#FUSZ - nFusz Inc Current Valuation - $36.24 pps - “includes partners”

nFusz Inc Current Valuation - $36.24 pps - “includes partners”

Share price is based on 10% penetration of our partners for the sales tool only. IMO, this technology is worth much more than the valuation above just for the fact that it's years ahead of anyone else and CRM platforms are in a race to keep up with each other. NotifiCRM is the ticket!

nFusz Inc Valuation After Acquisition $61.03 pps
Sound Concepts – (360,000 users) - $5,508,000.00 / $24.79 pps
10% penetration – Sales Tool = 36k X $15 = $540,000.00 per month - - --- - $2.43 pps
10% penetration – Enterprize = 36k X $99 = $3,564,000.00 per month - --- $16.04 pps
80% penetration – Current est = 288k X $39 = $1,404,000.00 per month ---- $6.32 pps
For Estimate Puposes Only
<a href="http://www.soundconcepts.com/index #header" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">http://www.soundconcepts.com/index #header

Salesforce has 19.6% m/s – 5,000.000 users - $5,000.00 monthly = $22.50 pps
10% penetration – 500,000 X $10

Oracle - 7.1% m/s - 8,000,000 users - $8,000,000.00 monthly = $36.00 pps
10% penetration = 800,000 X $10

NetSuite - “Partnered”2,000,000 users
10% penetration = 200,000 users X $10 = $2,000,000.00/mo = $9.00 pps

SAP - 6.5% m/s – 11,000,000 users - $11,000,000.00 monthly = $49.50 pps
10% penetration – 1,100,000 X $10

Odoo – “Partnered” 3,900,000 users
10% penetration = 390,000 X $15 = $585,000.00/mo = $26.33 pps

Adobe - 3.2% m/s – 2,500,000 users
10% penetration = 250,000 users X $15 = $3,750,000.00/mo = $16.88 pps

Marketo - “Partnered” 90,000 users
10% penetration = 9,000 users X $10 = 90,000/mo = $0.41 pps

nFusz's Platform & remaining partners
10% penetration = 000 X $10 = $00,000.00/mo = $0.50 pps

Based on a p/e of 75 – Enterprize accounts, notifiMED, EDU, ID, LIVE, TV, NPO etc are not included!


Topic Link: https://otc.watch/forums/topic/fusz-current-valuation-36-24-pps-includes-partners-2/


  1. Message from Rory this AM regarding the 8K: 

    Thank you for your comments **redacted**. I do realize it’s hard for some of our investors whose only point of reference is the price of our stock on the OTC. For a number of reasons, we don’t believe the true value of our company will be reflected in the share price while we trade on the OTC. That’s why we’ve put in motion a bold, comprehensive, multi-faceted plan to uplist to NASDAQ. Fortunately, we’re not trying to implement it alone. As savvy investors can surmise from publicly available information, we’ve assembled an extraordinary team of seasoned professionals to assist in the execution of that plan and anyone that knows me should also know that I won’t stop until we achieve our objectives. Nothing great comes easy. And everything takes longer than we want or expect. But we are more than up for the task and we’re making progress toward our goal every single day. I don’t want to suggest that we haven’t had our share of setbacks and delays. We have. But so far we’ve been able to overcome every one of them and as I look forward to the few challenges that still remain, I have every confidence in the world that we’ll overcome them too. The financing disclosed in the recent 8-K is a bridge to the larger firm underwriting financing associated with our NASDAQ uplisting. 
    The reason for the bridge is that we’ve intentionally incurred and will incur additional costs, not planned for 8 months ago when we set our budgets, to enhance the team as well as begin other major initiatives that have been alluded to in recent public filings that are now happening. Everything that you have seen recently and will continue to see in the coming days is an integral part of the larger plan to be listed on NASDAQ. That listing will allow institutional investors and others who maintain accounts at brokerage houses all over the country to invest in our company that are unable to do so today. That alone may lead to a quantum shift in our investor base. You also know about the planned acquisition of Sound Concepts disclosed in the recent S-1 filing. As a private company they lacked audited financials which are required by the SEC. We had to bring in a team of auditors to audit 3 years of financial data so we can update and file the amended S-1 that will contain all of the information investors will want to see. It has taken longer than we expected as I alluded to in a recent video. Look for much more information about that acquisition in public filings in the coming days. As you may know, as disclosed in recent filings, I have recently purchased a large block of additional shares by converting all of the loans I’ve made to the company over the past many years up to the amount I was permitted. That should speak volumes to anyone that watches when insiders accumulate more shares as opposed to selling shares. I’ve not sold a single share, ever, nor has anyone on my team. I said several months ago that transformational change is coming to nFusz. I stand by that statement and I look forward to sharing those details in the upcoming public filings. 
    On behalf of myself and my team, we truly appreciate your continuing support. As nothing here is material, non-public information, feel free to share this as you determine. 

  2. The above numbers are a ridiculous speculation based on fantasy, as you will see soon when the end of year 2018 financials are disclosed. Shame on people who post such nonsense to pump the stock price up or to self-promote! Not saying nFusz has no future but this is pie in the sky.