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$FUSZ Chart & Video DD Update Nfusz Inc.

FUSZ Everything You need to Know and Watch About #nFusz 


SHAC Update 2.23.18 

SHAC Update 04.30.18

SHAC Update 5.15.18

SHAC Update 5.21.18

SHAC Update 5.31.18

nFusz announces fund raise, an up list to the Nasdaq and a major acquisition

nFusz CEO Rory Cutaia explains how their interactive videos allow customers to buy while watching

nFUSZ CEO Rory Cutaia Marketo Nation Interview

nFUSZ CEO Rory Cutaia presenting at LD Micro Conference 06/05/2018

Demo | Quick Walkthrough With Denise

Read More: https://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=5204080#ixzz5UqzAsuvy

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