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$FUSZ - CEO Post Message to Nfusz Shareholders on Investors Hangouts Stock Forum


I’m on the road again this week - just left Philadelphia where we were moving the value creation ball forward in a meaningful way with notifiMD and certain related initiatives and now I’m on the way to Seattle, WA for an important business development meeting. But I found some time today to put together a short SHAC to keep my partners - all of you - updated. It’s posted on our website right now. Message of the week: Ignore the noise. nFusz is happening and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. We will have our ups and downs as we’re still - at least for now - on planet OTC. That will change. Smart investors will see the opportunities the MMs drop in your lap and will act accordingly. But our long-term success and real value creation Is in our hands - yours and ours. As this continues to develop, it will become harder and harder for the BWs and illicit actors to have any effect on our success. When we work together, we’re unbeatable. Always together. 
To you longs - thank you for your patience and perseverance. To those of you watching from the sidelines - join us - we’re building something special here - together. 

Read More: https://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=5069426#ixzz5V98rsTIW

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